20061109 I was all

20061109 I was all set to sit and write at Nina’s. Coffee–check; Naked Protein Juice Smoothie–consumed–check; Morning Glory Muffin–also consumed–check. Then, I open the keyboard, attach the Palm Pilot, and–it is stuck from the last time that I synced with the laptop. Time to take out the paperclip duct-taped to the inside of the keyboard’s case.

I looked back on Monday to the very first entries on the Palm Pilot. Five years ago was the first entry. For November, 2002, the day after that mid-term election, I noted that I asked people at the Y for reactions. Responses were universally somber. (Paul Wellstone, plane crash, the memorial service, “the speech,” Walter Mondale losing to Norm Coleman.) I dared, last Monday, not to think of the possibilities. I was afraid to write anything. Today, though–I say “let the hearings begin.”