Watchout for the blind guy

There you have it. The day before Halloween. Well, we didn’t get to the store to look for costume for Liam. I wonder what the fallout will be from that.
Last night was kind of ugly. Actually afternoon and morning, too. I took the dog for a walk–down to the river by Saint Thomas and back. Then Quakers. I sat down in what I realized was more or less Ralph’s spot. I realized this after I sat down. But it seemed that Ralph was late, maybe he wouldn’t be there today. But, about ten minutes late, he walked through the door. I moved around to the next open spot on a bench along the wall. Realized at that point that I am a backbencher–mostly, buy not entirely, because that is where the benches are–along the outside walls.
Then, at the end of the service, an amazing thing happened. And, turned out that the event was related to Ralph’s late arrival. People just stood up and started to greet each other. At first, I wasn’t sure what had happened, But there had been no announcement about things to say that hadn’t risen to the level of worship. It was spontaneous and kind of neato. A natural end. And, as I was leaving, which some were doing and others not, Ralph apologized. Being late meant that he hadn’t had the opportunity to double-check with anyone about whether or not he supposed to do anything today. Of course, he can’t read the bulleting.