Comment Zero

OCD, a bit, are we? I find it very difficult to not check my blog’s traffic with xtreme tracking. And taking a Sunday bath. (And taking a Saturday bath.) And referring to articles from The New York Times, especially on Sunday.

Oh, well. I am nothing but predictable.

I have some pictures from our drive yesterday to Nelson, Wisconsin, and back. And some commentary about monatic living queued from an article.

Yesterday, we–Dorothea, Liam, Yuna, and I–went on a drive south. It turned into a “stop and eat” adventure. We went to the Jenny Lind Bakery in Red Wing. Ruth, the proprietress (is that a word?) was there, and we chatted with her briefly. She was really busy. Turns out that Red Wing was having its arts festival that day. The food we had was wonderful. It is a truly rare experience to eat out and everything be superb.

Next stop was the Smiling Pelican Bakery. We had some great chocolate chip cookies. The pictures were all taken there.


And now for my apparently weekly diatribe, a la the newspages. The two articles that caught my attention were about Honeycrisp apples and religious response to environmental issues. The apples article is located here.


And here is the article about the religious response to global warming.

The last bit is about a five-year and a ten-year plan. Dorothea asked me about that the other day. She has to come up with such for her St. Kate’s nursing leadership class.

Here it is. Five-years–probably still working for the bank, but want to be ready to leave and do something else, possible live on a lot less. Consider transferring to Portland, Oregon. Ten-year: I want to research the idea of a monastic-like lifestyle. “Secular-Buddhism” comes to mind, if there is such a thing. I think that I could live a moral life, have hope for “retirement” or old age. More to follow, perhaps.