To: CAROLFORTUNE First snow in Minnesota

As always, I am not sure that this email is going to get to you. But I
figure, if I don’t hear back from you, I will turn it into a blog
post. Might just do that anyway.
For some unfathomable reason, for the last couple of days I have been
obsessed with getting kubuntu linux running on my (now getting old)
laptop. I should have been studying for my PMI certification. Classic
procrastination. Maybe it was an article I read about Microsoft Vista.
I always get messed up burning the ISO to CD. And then, for the
finale, my wireless connection works. (Granted, I turned off my WEP.
Have to turn that back on.) But here I am in bed, emailing on the
Just got joined by the dog, Stella, a cockapoo. I guess that she is
getting too heavy and we’ll have to cut back on her food. I feel bad
for her. She has made herself comfortable.
Tonight it is snowing. Our house guest is out at her night class and
she biked. So she is pretty tough, perhaps getting tougher by the
Here, we are all good. How are you? (Ping, pong.)