I “spritzed” with WD-40 for two days, but still the shutoff valve to dryer, no budge. On Friday, a guy came to checkout our furnace as a yearly maintenance thing, and he tried and couldn’t move it either. It became clear that any efforts related to that valve would have to be undertaken with the main gas valve shut. Plus, while I did get on the phone with Mary’s handyman, he’s busy, and clearly unable to come to the house twice–once to unhook the gas and again to re-hook it up. So I called Sears. They’ll now be doing the hookup–for $140. The dryer should be delivered today, and the Sears hookup contractors should be here next week.

News item: Stocks shatter records. Corporate profits soar. [The New York Times, 10/7/2006]
News item: Our neighbor library to be closed on Sundays. [Hand-written sign taped to the library door, 10/6/2006]

Sorry about the heavy use of The New York Times. But–one thought that I have is this:

Even if we (in the United States, and/or Europe) did conserve energy, I would expect that then India and China and others would use more, just picking up our slack.

I was reminded of this by the following quote [The New York Times]

Even if the United States were independent, hydrocarbons would remain a limited resource. We have a total interest in using that limited resource to increase our efficiency, lengthening the life of the fossil fuels, for environmental reasons.

…which reminded me that, unless the whole world were to undertake conservation, conservation won’t work. Plugging up one leak won’t stop the ship from sinking.