Went for a bicycle ride. So did Dorothea and Yuna. But we went separately–I went by myself. I started at about 1:15 and returned at 4:00 PM. Since I figure that I average 11 mph, I may have done thirty miles. My route was:
Summit Avenue to Kellogg by the Cathedral and History Museum
Through downtown Saint Paul
Across the Wabasha bridge
The road behind Harriet Island
Right at the Lillydale Yacht and Pool
Across the Mendota bridge
Down to Fort Snelling
Up the old railroad grade in the cut through the limestone and sandstone
Left along Minnehaha Creek
East side of Lake Harriet
East side of Lake Calhoun
29th Street Greenway to
the Mississippi River

and back home.

Just before I got to 50th on my way to Lake Harriet, a minivan making a left-hand turn hit a bicyclist in a crosswalk. The bicyclist went down. He was with a group of other bikers. I turned left, and cutting across the grass, intercepted the van. I put me and my bike in front of the van. The woman looked uncertain. I told her that she had hit a person on a bike. She said she didn’t know. She pulled into the parking lot. The biker was up, and he and his group were heading over. The woman got out of her van. She seemed concerned.

I rode on.