Vikings–the Middle Ages kind

Yuna, Liam, and I ended up at the Science Museum last night. We went to the latest showing of Vikings: Journey to New Worlds. Which was entertaining and I think would be okay as Medival history. We saw not one but two of Liam’s teachers there. I wandered around the Mississippi River exhibit for the short time that we had before the movie. Yuna ended up sticking with Liam. Not sure that was her first choice, but Liam just kind of drew her in. It is clear that Liam sees her as a buddy.
Our museum visit was short because we went to Tanpopo Noodle Shop . The food is great, the environment okay, the service–very slow. Plus, I parked by the musuem, and the walk to the restaurant was almost a mile. Poor reckoning.
The absolute highlight though was the brief glimpse we got of the half-moon just as it was rising. That was spectacular.