Dorothea, Liam, and I walked to Cadenza Music. Liam wanted to get the drumsticks and music book for band, which he started yesterday. He is doing his homework now at the other end of the diningroom table.
We had been waiting for Liam to finish his homework, which usually doesn’t take very long. But tonght it was taking longer. I figured because he was having fun with Yuna. Dorothea and I were watching the beginning of the movie Tranamerica while we were waiting.
He was still working on his homework when Dorothea and I were going to walk down there with Stella, the dog–get that walk in too. (Flashlight required, because it is already dark.) Liam wanted extrememly to come along, too. So it was the three of us.
Now it is on to Liam practicing his guitar. Week 3, I think.

P.S.: Liam took his drumsticks to bed with him.