I am waiting for Stella to come in out of the rain after a walk around the block. I now see that she is interested in the birds on the ground under the bird feeder. Like she’s going to catch a bird. Hope not.
I was planning to go to the house concert at my former co-worker Al’s house this evening. But this concert is actually an outside the house concert, and it is raining. So I won’t go and say that I did. Actually, say that I did. First, Dorothea and I were going to go. But she stood me up to go visit her sister in Bemidji. I invited Liz, and she accepted, but wasn’t interested in the rain. And, I am not crazy about driving home from St. Louis Park at night in the rain. So be it.
I did see that this is the state Sacred Harp singing weekend. How did I not know that? How do I live my life this way? They were at a church not far from my house today. I just saw it in the newspaper today. But, they’re at Murphy’s Landing tomorrow, so I should be able to get there. Fortunate that the family is away, so I can go do the whole day guilt-free.
This morning, Stella and I went for a four-mile walk. I went to the Y and ellipticalled. I also drove up to my old work site and picked up my mail. After that I wen to Hao Bien, a new, nice Vietnamese restaraunt. I had a 38–Banh Xeo–Vietnamese pancakes. It was served with a large plate of greens–lettuce and mint for sure, some others. The waitress took pity on me and showed my how to eat it by tearing off some lettuce, putting some of the mint and other herbs in it, and tearing off a section of the pancake–omelette, really–with chopsticks. Eating an omelette with chopsticks is interesting. It was all pretty messy, especially the dipping in fish sauce part. Very good, though. Finally, I went to the driving range. It started to rain just as I finished my bucket. While I was there two 747s, one a bit later than the other, flew relatively low overhead, on shallow trajectories, fuel-heavy on their way to Tokyo, I expect. Always pause for that. So amazing.