What would Norm do? What would Garrison do?

Almost everyone in my new department, except for the guy in Cincinnati, is going to the funeral of their colleague who died of cancer on Monday. He was already in hospice when I got here. So I never met him. I am not going to the funeral, and am a bit tormented. But  pretty sure. How often is it that you transfer into a new department and a veteran dies, unless you’re in the millitary?
What would Norm do?
I can’t find the references now–but the sequence went like this–first, annoucement that Eric Mische was resigning as Norm’s chief-of-staff–to presumably become a lobbyist. Then, the next day or so, an article about Norm being encouraged to return a contribution from some oil concern. All followed by Norm being appointed as an envoy to the U.N.
What would Garrison do?
Garrison Keillor is going to open a bookstore in the basement of the Nina’s. I have mixed feelings about this.