Goofy morning

This morning is a goofy morning. How’s that for poetry? I am still at home and Dorothea is long gone to a meeting. I am to escort Liam to the bus. I am still quite foggy. The virtuous thing to do would study for my Project Management Certification exam, or call or email someone, or to go take the clothes out of the dryer. Or even to blog. (Hey.) But before I got to the blogging, I updated my site tracking software, extremetracking, for no other reason than I was told to by the software.
On Monday, a cable guy came. The television reception had been bad for some time–the picture was static-y and fuzzy. I didn’t mind this enough to do anything about, especially since I just figured that if watching TV were slightly unpleasant, the children wouldn’t watch it as much. But we were all watching the Twins, and after that the US Open, and the picture was so bad that we couldn’t see the ball in either. But the last straw was that our internet stopped working. That was intolerable. So I phoned in a ticket.
He replaced the line for the pole to the house. (Squirrel damage, perhaps?) We think that this is a least the second time for that problem. Hard to figure. But, now we have good cable, if you know what I mean. I have become a Twins junky. Watched them again last night. And would have watched them on Monday night, except that I watched the Vikings on what had previously been a foggy channel.
Liam hailed me from the basement. He wanted to know if I’d help him with the videotape machine. His aunt, who is working as a sort of portable nurse out east, was going to be in the audience of the David Letterman show. The idea was to tape the show. Liam was quite keen on this. The problem is that we have an ancient video machine, and getting it to do the job was problematic, so much so that I didn’t even want to get started on the task. So it fell to Dorothea. (Though I did spend quite a bit of time tinkering with it anyway.) Still don’t know if it worked, though don’t expect that it did. I told Liam that I didn’t want to monkey with it.
Disappointed, but he seemed to get over it. Since I was up, I had him bring down his laundry and we started a load. And we emptied the dishwasher. And now, if I was truly virtuous, I’d make my lunch. And take the dog for a walk.