State Fair

All right. The sky is graying. I am sitting in the bedroom in the old dialysis Lazy-Boy. There was just a popup message saying that there was a serious error, but we go on. The AC is on, though strickly speaking, I don’t need it. It is for comfort only.
Liam and I went to Phalen and hit balls at their driving range. I thought that it’d be good there because they have their yardage marked more clearly. Being there was just okay, however. We’ll have to try the University driving range next. We didn’t do the Family Fun Night. This was the last one of the season. But we did do four of them, which was really good. Liam is hitting the ball very well, making contact and sending it 100 yards or so. He is hitting chronically off to the right, to about two o’clock. I am hoping that he’ll allow for another lesson. I am thinking of signing both of us up for a Community Ed beginner’s class.
Madeline and I went shopping before that. My objective was to get some household things to make cleaning more appealing. I had an ephany about the bathroom. At work, the people that clean the bathrooms cruise through it, taking ten minutes or so. Doesn’t seem so long considering the size of the bathrooms. And I realized that one reason is that there isn’t a bunch of other stuff in there like at home. No toothpaste, shampoos, and on and on. So my idea was to take all those things out of the bathroom, the downstairs one anyway, where we have a shower, and put them onto a shelf across from the door. Madeline wanted a water-proof radio to listen to in the shower and some other stuff. So we ended up going to Target, Herberger’s, and Cub Foods on University in the Midway. Most of the stuff came from Target; Herberger’s had the shower radio; Cub the batteries for the radio as well as a nifty self-serve checkout, allowing us to exit in record time.
While Madeline and I were doing that, Dorothea, Liam, and Yuna went grocery shopping. Yuna wanted to see a “big” grocery store. Nothing could be more eye-popping than our multi-ethnic Rainbow grocery store, where Dorothea likes to shop.
When we were all back together, I realized that I was kaput. I was interested in getting the pictures off the memory stick. We had gone to the State Fair on Saturday, and I wanted to get some of those for the blog. Well, that led me on a long and frustrating path that can be summarized as–well, computers suck.
But the picture thing leads me to this photo. Not too many days after Yuna arrived, we took her to Sea Salt, which is a (surprisingly very good) restaruant in the Minnehaha park pavillion. Afterward, we stopped to listen to a free concert at the music pavillion. I was taken with the beauty of the trees and the sunset and tried to capture it. I liked the random way that the tree trunks seemed to float at different levels again the color of the grass. Don’t think that I captured that, though. Instead, the picture seems like this split between anonymous people paying attention to something unknown off to right, and, in the foreground, for some other unexplained reason, there are trees blocking the view. Oh well. Here for what it is worth is the original photo. Audience, stage. Everything.

So, I am burying my lead. This, that, and the other thing, why I am so wiped today has to do with going to the State Fair twice yesterday. It was a rock start to that expedition, let me tell you. Liam and I had talked about going early in the morning, like seven. But when Saturday morning came, he didn’t say anything. About nine, I was ready. So I asked him if he still wanted to go. Affirmative. I asked Madeline. Good to go, except that she would have to get ready. Then…I asked Dorothea. Whoa. She was not ready. But she readjusted. She suggested biking. Good idea, except that when I brought it up to him, he had a hard time adjusting. He was say “sure, let’s go” but he was on the verge of tears.
We mustered ourselves and actually pulled off biking, as a family, from our house to the State Fair. (Google Earth, doing a trace route, shows the distance to be…I don’t know. Google Earth has locked up my computer again. It is a couple of miles.) The bike ride was pretty simple, except for the necessary ugly part of riding along Snelling on the sidewalk. When we arrived, we were able to park our bikes for fee in the bike parking area. A picture of us there. (Perhaps suitable as a Christmas card photo? The bear statue–I don’t know.)
We walked around. We ate. (Cookies, crepes, milk shakes.) We watched a calf being born. We rode on the Sky Tower and the Chair Lift thingie. We saw lots of people we didn’t know. (Or do we know them?) Here is a picture that D. took of me. The rest of the family had walked over to something, and I had waited in the middle of the street for them to return. As I stood there, people kept going on around me.
I walked back and took this of the “Bake Judging Ladies.” They looked pretty serious.
And I took a fancy to this sign: “No horses beyond this point.”
One thing that I think about when I look at such a picture of myself is that I have some serious weight to lose. But, then again, given the “random” sample of the other four guys in the picture, I am may not be doing too badly.
That night, D. and I returned, this time with Yuna, our house guest from France. Hard to tell what she thought of it, though she seemed to take it well.
Bonnie Raitt was at the Grand Stand. We walk up the ramp, stage right, and, along with great sound, got a great view. That was very pleasant. Twice during the performance, there were fireworks in other parts of the Fair. What a bizarre experience. There was a plane flying over, doing advertising. The advertising was “Place your ad here. Call (612)……..
At the base of the Giant Slide, our house guest….
…and D.
(When D. saw this pictures, she asked “Why didn’t you ask to have your picture taken?” Oh well.)