Claritin-D taboo

I have created a wiki to use as an electronic version of flashcards for studying for the PMP certification exam. I probably spent 1-2 hours directly setting it up. I am typing in the questions and the answers. There are many hours of that ahead. I am probably about 20% done. The Mediawiki program that I am using has a random function to bring up the questions; below the question is a link to the page with the answer. So far, so good. Labor intensive, but it seems like an appropriate way to get through all the cards, and then I have a nice way to go through them randomly. (How random depends on the quality of the wiki’s random function.)

Last night, while driving home from the PMP Certification prep class, I listened to a public radio program about Bill Norris, the founder of Control Data. In weird ways, our lives have intersected. I am typing email at a computer now. I am working in a building that was originally a Control Data factory. I used to work and will be returning to work at what was the original Univac building. Norris was a codebreaker during WWII, specializing in computers, After the war, started ERA computers in Saint Paul. This was a secret contemporary of the ENIAC, the first computer. These two groups merged to form Univac in the 1950s. Norris got fed up with the bureaucracy there and started Control Data in 1959. (Year of my birth.) The whole time he lived in a house in the Highland Park neighborhood, not far from my current home.

Last night, we got one of those dread midnight phone calls. Turned out to be a neighbor across the street. She was hearing a very loud noise in her house and didn’t know what to do about it. D. and I and two other neighbors showed up with flashlights and set to investigating. It was a loud rumbling noise in her kitchen. They are in the midst of a major remodeling, and recently had something done with the plumbing. Turned out that there was a hot water shutoff valve underneath the upstairs bathroom sink that was slightly open. The air and water through the tight space had created a sort of “house tuba.” I was an advocate early on of flipping circuit breakers to see if that would stop the sound. When attention turned to water, I advocated simply shutting off the main water valve to verify. There was, however, another man there, so we followed his lead.

The dates and times are a bit off; I wrote the above paragraphs yesterday at work in an e mail to myself. It is now Thursday morning. I had been contemplating taking the day off to go to the first day of the State Fair–I like going early in the morning–it is especially clean then. But, the weather looks bad, and Liam has a day camp and Dorothea is working. Oh well.

Also, yesterday morning I went through the surreal indignity of buying Claritin-D. Now I know I can only buy 3 milligrams a day and 6 milligrams a month at the CVS store at Snelling and University. Buying two boxes to stock up put me over the limit. I know that I should have this societal, can-do, let’s go team feeling about this, that I, through my minor inconvenience am keeping yet another mother off drugs, but I don’t feel that way. I feel needlessly put upon by something that looked like good election year politics.


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  1. I absolutely love the formulation “house tuba”! Genius.
    I’m currently in Duluth, using free, though slow, wi-fi access that the city provides. I am unable to connect to the network my hotel offers. But what can one expect for a mere $240?
    Hope you made it to the fair on a clean day. Let’s do coffee early this week.

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