Useful, timely, entertaining

Useful, timely, entertaining. Those are the things that learningmovabletype says are the essentials to having good blog. I don’t think that I am particularly any of those things. Mostly I am failing to evaporate. Super humid already.
I ellipticalled for twenty, sat in the hot tub and the sauna, and then, because I knew that I was obligated to, to cool off, I did a couple of laps in the pool.
I strained my back playing golf last Sunday night. A classic combination–I tried to much, went to far, and then I also got stressed. In the morning, I had gone to the driving range and hit a bucket of one hundred balls. I hoped to “groove the swing” the one I’d worked on at the $80 private lesson I’d taken with Liam. I knew I wanted to go out for a twilight round. But when I did go to the Highland Executive course, they were having family fun night. I should have brought my family. The counter guy recommended going over to the 18 across the street, the newly redone “National.” I hadn’t played it since it’s been refurbished. I ended up with a foursome–two guys in a cart, one walking. I wasn’t into the energy of the cart guys. They weren’t into me. They left after nine holes; the other walker guy and I did the rest of the nine, finishing just after sunset.
But I strained my back on about the third. I thought about stopping, I knew I was letting myself feel rushed. But I was determined to not give in. Damn it. The good news, and I think that it is–my back is sore, but it didn’t go “out.” I take that as being pretty significant.
Yesterday morning I went to the Y end did an abridged exercise routine. Trouble with crunches, the roman chair, getting down and up from the bench. But, oddly, I was able to do the “elephant walk” golf swing drill–with a medicine ball–and that felt fine. That fuels my notion that my injury is more psychologically originated than golf originated, a la the book “Mind Over Back Pain.”
Liam has been doing great in sports. I watched a baseball game and a soccer game. He batted .800 with 5 or 6 RBIs (machine pitched, mind you) and was right on in soccer, even played offense and got a shot on goal, though he missed.