No saturated fat

Just got done watching the end of the British Open. So cool to see the emotion from Tiger Woods. “Why is he crying?” asks Liam. Hard to explain. Because, I imagine, that he was happy and sad at the same time.
I got back the results of my most recent blood work. Everything is fine except for my cholesterol, of course. My triglycerides are way up. Googling seems to indicate that there is a strong correlation between triglycerides and saturated fat. Plus, the last time I had my cholesterol checked, things were lower, and I think that there was a correlation with being on the South Beach Diet, which would be lower in saturated fat. So, I am on the scourge saturated fat diet. I am on day two of simply trying to make sure that I am consuming as little saturated fat as possible. (I am down a pound–possibly a side benefit.)
Just (after finishing watching golf) got back from a real estate open house across the street. Old couple lived there fifty years. Neighbor bought the house and gutted it and re-did it. Looks very nice. But the price is double of what I think ours would be, but I don’t think that it is twice the house. Maybe it is because almost everything in it is new. Liam and I came up to the door just as Dorothy, the oldest daughter, was walking up. I would think that has got to be hard. But she didn’t seem to think so.
Yesterday morning, Liam and I had our $80 golf lesson with the pro at Highland. He was very much like my brother-in-law Bill. We got to ride a golf cart around to the back side of the driving range where he does his teaching, and it seems like it went well from the Liam perspective. At least certainly the experience didn’t seem to dissuade Liam. Next would be some group lessons if Liam is interested.
This morning I went to the Highland driving range and hit a bucket of 100 balls, working on the “elephant walk” exercise that the pro showed to both Liam and me. Frustrating, but I have hope, and I know that it is the right thing to do. If possible, I will try to go for nine holes of twilight golf tonight.