This really is like politburo watching

Headache in the cubicle after getting up an leaving at lunch for an appointment that really wasn’t until tomorrow. But since I was out, stopped at Chipolte for a burrito. I’ll eat my lunch salad for dinner tonight. (Sure I will.) Headache, bored, not feeling well. (Bad burrito?) Gather four quarters and head off for a vending machine to buy a bottle of water. But I get there and water now costs $1.25. (I should have known that.) Back to the headache cubicle. Get another quarter from the drawer. Lost focus. Staring at the quarters in my hand. Some of them are state-backed; others, eagle. Looking at the dates of the eagle-backed quarters. I really can’t make out the dates on quarters very well anymore. Have to take off my trifocals and hold the coins pretty close, moving them back and forth. One of the quarters is dated 1973. Ironically, that now seems like a long time ago. A lot of people alive then are dead now.. And a lot of the people in my life weren’t alive yet then. A quarter would have bought a soda. There probably wouldn’t have been any bottled water. Or cubicles. Or burittos.