Dr. Pibb offering

Up and around and fed this morning, so I thought that I would go to Nina’s and see if I could write. At Nina’s I am. Usually of late when I have been over here of a morning, I am too hungry-unfocused to write because I haven’t had breakfast yet. But today is otherwise. And at home, haven’t gotten into any kind of regular writing groove. Too distracting there; always someone around, or I can’t get in the mood.
Liam told me a good story this morning. He and his buddy have been doing a lemonade stand gig to save up money to buy box seats at a Twins game. Actually, they moved up to the harder stuff–they are selling cans of soda. A car pulled up, the driver bought a can of Dr. Pibb, and drove off–kinda fast, Liam said. The car went couple of blocks, then made a screeching u-turn, came back and stopped at the corner where our neighborhood handicapped woman, Maureen, hangs out in front of her house during the day. The occupant of the car tried to give the can of pop to Maureen, but she demurred, may even have gone back in her house. Then the driver left the can on sidewalk and drove away. Liam reported that Maureen came out and took the can.
So I said that was maybe the cosmic reason why they are doing the soft drink sales.