Kaput yoga

20060624 I am at Nina’s after getting up to go to the 7:30 yoga class at the Y. But there was no class; so I came over here. I brought the NY Times and my Palm.

The Times is talking (do newspapers talk? Probably not) about the Bush administration’s secret examination of international bank records in a database of SWIFT–the Society of Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. Avian flu has been transmitted from person to person.

Yesterday at work, there was meeting between my boss and another manager. I would say that they had not been getting along, and consequently, a project languished for six months. I have worked for the last two weeks to bring them together. Actually, I didn’t realize until two days ago that was the aim. But it was successful.

This is in contrast to the meeting the day before between my boss and I, which did not seem so successful. So, there was redemption, in a way.

From Monday to Friday, I played 36 holes of golf in four outings–Cedarhome Par 3, Fort Snelling, and Hiawatha Executive (twice). I parred the first hole, 191 par 3 at Cedarhome, and bogied the last, 300 + par 4 at Hiawatha.

I never know what’s going to happen when I hit the ball. I am still topping pitches; my aim and distance are inaccurate. I did have several 100 yard nine-irons that diveted on the green or close, though pretty far from the pin, and that I then two putted.

That last hole is how I would have to play pretty consistently to break 100. I call it bogie and a half golf.

I went to the dentist, Dr. Benny as recommended by Dorothea, about the numbness that I had in my upper right jaw. Dorothea was right; Dr. Benny is great. And see discounted any probable dental cause. So, on to