The family in Bemidji…

Last night, I was think of trying to get the latest tee time available at Cedarhome. My thought was to go to the driving range, pitch, chip, putt, hit a small bucket of balls, and then get to Cedarhome in time for tee-off. But just as I was about to make the call, as I had the Yellow Pages open in front of me on the dining room table, I saw Fort Snelling Executive, and that they were first come, first serve. So, I thought if I went about dinner time, there may not be so many people there.
I went to the driving range, but at Highland, not the University, and heading out to Fort Snelling. Finding it is always a challenge. First, just as you’re leaving Saint Paul and getting onto the freeway system that goes to the airport and the mall and beyond, there are some tricky exits. Second, once you’re on the Fort grounds, it is not really clear where you’re supposed to go. Not to me anyway.
Fort Snelling must be one of the world’s unique golf courses. From the first tee, it is almost as if you could hit your shot to the runway, and have a great view of planes landing and taking off. And you are surrounded by many, many hulking old buildings from the late 19th and early 20th century. They are empty, boarded up, and in various stages of decay. They are what is left of the fort from when it was a going concern, not just a museum, from the Spanish-American War, First and Second World Wars.
A two-some, another single, and I got grouped together. We didn’t finish until after the sun had gone down, but because it was the Summer Solstice, that was well after 9:00 pm.