Summer solstice

20060621 Summer solstice. Yet another one. The loud steam roar of the espresso machine kicks in. I am at Nina’s, sitting at the right foot of the Statue of Liberty.

On Monday evening, I played my first round of golf since 2004. I went to Cedarhome for 7:07 tee time. I parred the first hole, 191 yards. A 3-wood brought up with 15 yards of the pin. The rest of the evening was filled with various flavors of bogie. But overall, it was encouraging. And pleasant. And cheap–$10.

Dorothea and the children are departing for Bemidji. They’ll stop over in St. Cloud, Royalton, Little Falls and other points for some nostalgia and sightseeing.

I talked to my boss’s boss’s boss yesterday. He has got the CMDB project, and I told him that I was interested in participating. We also ended up talking about my relationship with my boss. He recommends and supports me in a heart to heart. So be it.