Meeting for Worship with attention to Business

I wrote my letter. I had my two Clearness Committee meetings. Then, last night, was the Meeting for Business with Attention to Business, and I was on the agenda as part of the report from Ministry and Counsel. Actually, I was all there was from the report from Ministry and Counsel. But there you have it. I am now a member.
There is a Welcoming Committee which will be putting together a Sacred Harp singing at my suggestion, probably sometime in the fall.
Now I need to get them a blurb and a photo for the newsletter. To email it, I needed someone’s email address. To do that, I got a directory (the last one, they’re printing new ones) and found out I wasn’t in there. May not have been for years. The last year that I got a directory was 2003, I think.
Strum und drag. There is a schism among the Quakers. The fault line is a consideration of having paid staff. Apparently a similar thing happened some twenty years ago or more when the group bought a house. Members who were opposed to owning property started the Prospect Park meeing. Nothin’ is easy.