Who is my audience, anyway? Who reads this crap? Mostly, I think my audience is me. Every once in a while, someone else responds. This is a catchall, Day Book sort of thing. I am have been lax of late, but seems like I am getting back in the groove.
This is the second day that I have written. I am at the dining room table, not the coffeeshop. I am planning to ride my bike to work again, and that will make for three times this week. I plan to go to the Y tomorrow. So anyway, there is this brief time between the kids in the morning. One has gone off to school, the other not awake yet. Though, just as I wrote that, the other has just arisen.
I went hog-wild a few days ago and got a bunch of books and DVDs from ordering online through the public library. One of the things that I got was 2001: A Space Odyssey. Still a very weird movie. And long. It has an intermission. And, stylish. I don’t thing that we’ve met up with the style as presented in the movie. Clearly, computers are to be spoken to, and that has never happened. What we’ve got are the clunky equivalents of bread boxes and clanky keyboards. Most everything in the movie was hands-free. Desks and tables were free of clutter. Of course the companies with product placement are gone or a joke–Howard Johnson’s; Pan Am; AT&T. It was the United States and the Soviets.
The sort of “out Communisted the Communists” culture that led to putting a man on the moon is clearly the sort of culture that’d be required to be sending people to Jupiter, but probably would have stayed Big Iron a la HAL (IBM) and wouldn’t have given us our current icons like PCs, cell phones, and iPods. We never got the hover cars, either. But it has gotten to the point that when I see someone driving a car, I expect that they are holding a phone to their head.
My memory is that I went to see 2001 with my parents, like I went to other movies with them that I can remember–True Grit, Planet of the Apes. So, that must have been a very weird experience. Now, I’d say it’s kind of Buddhist–“Dave” came back.