Catch-up (or ketchup)

Haven’t posted for a awhile. I have a bunch of entries on my Palm Pilot. I was thinking that I would post them, but my Palm is still synchronizing, so that won’t happen for a while.
Tuesday morning, 06/06/06. I would say that I have been through this at least one other time, 06/06/66. So, hey.
I am sitting in the diningroom at the diningroom table. Thinking of getting off to work, of riding my bike to work. Doesn’t look like it is going to rain again today. Already, it is humid though. We had a great thunderstorm last night. So, global warming or not, so far this year we have stayed well hydrated.
The last two weeks I have gone out and hit balls at the driving range. The newly remodeled Highland course now has a very nice practice green. I have blisters on my hands. Could be because I am not holding the club the right way. But I suspect that the skin of my hands is so soft and even if I am holding the club perfectly, I’ll need to build up some calluses. It is ironic that I am so worried about by back, by what I have got is blisters.
Sorry, but I am uncomfortably hot sitting here. Sweating. So I am going to head off to my day at work. What cosmic karma will that bring?