Bodyworlds, home alone, blogging catch-up

Not a real hot time for visitors. But that is not surprising if for no other reason than I haven’t been a real hot correspondent lately. When I looked today, the posting of my project recap from my Saint Thomas class is still the most recent post. Pretty pathetic. I will synch up my Palm now. I thnk that I have a few other entries on there. (And I’ll need to replace the batteries there anyway.
This morning, it is just me and the dog. Dorothea and Liam went camping. Madeline overnighted at a friend’s house. Hence, after D. and L. left yesterday, I drove down and got a cigar, had a burrito at Chipolte, walked the dog, smoked the cigar.

Prom and graduation in the air. Some dressed up kids were coming into Chipolte as I was leaving. “Hey, we don’t have a reservation” and so on. And, the dog walk went to the west I thought because I wanted to enjoy the sunset, but the air was filled with whoops and shouts and barbecue smoke and beer. I think that Saint Thomas is having its graduation today.

Yesterday at work was intense in its little way. I finally had a much anticipated (by me) meeting with a manager about a “project” that I had been working on. He even said “project” with a bit of a sneer, but that is fair; it is pretty inconsequential. It was the upgrading of someone’s personal Access database to a more normalized, multiuser database. It had run aground, however, (in my estimation) because it was not possible to account for the non-normalized state of the database and the user’s requirements that current functionality (filtering) remain unaltered. I am sure an Access guru, which I don’t care to be, or someone with a better level of Access knowledge could clean it up. I just wanted out before something bad  happened. So, I had emailed him a list of options, the of which was do nothing. He picked the do nothing option, as in leave things just as they are and drop it. I am quite happy to do that.
Also work related, I sent my boss and coworkers email outlining a proposal to work on standardizing application names. Mundane, a lot of work, but actually would be worthwhile. In informal discussions with colleagues, it is a universally lauded idea. I doubt that management will accept proceeding with it though.
Continuing on the work related vein, a couple of intense, Bardo moments. I had been asked to make some file directory changes to a web site, which I did. The next day, a coworker came to my cube all excited and want to know where I had put her folder. She was convinced that I had deleted it, which possibly I had. She immediately started talking abourestoring from tape. When she went back to her desk and looked again, I had not deleted her folder. Either I or she had inadvertantly dragged on dropped it into an odd place. Whew, close call. Learned though that that web site is not backed up. Food for thought.
Just the day before, I had gone through a similar exercise with my Access patronne, where some filtering activity that she uses was broken, and she was convinced that the breakage was related to my programming. Again, possible, though I tried extremely hard to keep my testing in a test environement and not impact her production database. Whatever happened, it is not worth getting excited about. That incident provided the final confirmation to me that getting out of that project was the right thing to do.
So far, haven’t gotten around to talking about Bodyworlds. We’ll see. I also shaved my beard off.