Religion, Religion, Religion and B

I am sitting in the library of the Unity Church. The topics listed on placards above the bookshelf are “Religion,” Religion,” and “Religion.” Even though I am sitting by window, I went over and turned on the lights for this end of the room.

We all came here as we all usually do. Madeline and Liam for the Sunday School at Dorothea’s and my behest, and Dorothea to volunteer as a “guide.” Today is especially interesting because the topic is death. Sounds like the idea is that children will gather and have various professionals–nurses and doctors and the like–to answer questions. But they divided by age. Dorothea and Madeline and Liam headed off downstairs to color, making teacher appreciation day gifts, while the youngest children were to ask their questions first. I detoured here to the library. Madeline just came. I had asked her to come and get me when they were called to go upstairs. But she was rejected from the coloring scene, and she is now sitting with her head on the table across from me.

We all went to the Twins game last night. $80 plus for the tickets. They were good seats, though as for watching the game. Six rows up from the baluster in the second level directly behind home plate. As for being sandwiched in with other spectators, like the people that are so big they actually need two seats, or the way over-loud, over-talkative young married couples in the row directly behind us, or the drunks, not so great. The game was good, though. Ninth inning, last-minute, come from behind win over Detroit. They’ve been doing well this year, they’re ahead of us in the standings, and it was a sweet and meaningful victory as far as those things go.

Today is the May Day parade, so I imagine that we’ll go over to see that. I m thinking allergies and sun block.

Dorothea and I made another abortive foray into the home maintenance world to today trying to hang window blinds and fix a light switch. Three windows and one switch were involved. Looks like one window treatment got done successfully.

Along those lines–home maintenance–the clothes washing machine has been dripping water into the drum. Dorothea has switch our home appliance maintenance insurance from the stove to the washer. So, in thirty days we’ll be able to have someone come and fix the washing machine. We’ve abandoned the stove.

Done with the Distributed Database class. Thank goodness. Now I just want to get reimbursed. I don’t think that technical of information, trying to absorb it with meeting every other Saturday, worked well for me. I think that the kind of information, very math like, is better done (for me) with regular exercises with answers. This point of view was reinforced for me in an article today in the NY Times about people who are good at things.