Christopher’s maple is budding…

…as I look at it from the attic window. Just finished reading (in the bath) Bones of the Master. Recommended to Dorothea by Kess. Makes me want a cup of tea.
Studied yesterday for my exam next Saturday. Feel pitifully prepared. Spent probably equivalent of two full work days on my next project milestone for the class. Am thinking of taking a day off of work next to week to prepare and to go to professor’s office hour. Panicked a bt.
Liam slept up here by himself last night. First time. Tonight will be sister-in-law and family. I want escape, work on project, prepare for exam.
Interesting bit in the paper today about France and labor law. A strategy with an undesirable employee is to put them “in the cupboard” and hope that they leave. I feel that is me, that I am put in the cupboard. That is my fate.

Zen of the Day
It’s not about you.