Saturday is class day

I have my graduate class at the University of Saint Thomas this morning. Don’t those words sound grand–“University” and “graduate?” I just gave up trying to get some stuff done for an assignment. I need to use the laptop here, but at first it was locked up such that I couldn’t reboot to the point where I took the battery out. Then, it took a looonnngg time to reboot. The Norton antivirus scan that runs every time it reboots doesn’t help. And then I had trouble remoting to work, where I have some of the stuff I have been working on. Once I got remoted to work, I couldn’t get the remote web folder from St. Thomas to open up. That all blew about 25 minutes.

Yesterday we (Dorothea and Liam and I) went to the 7:00 pm show at the Omni Theater at the Science Museum. Interesting driving into downtown Saint Paul on Saint Patrick’s Day. Saint this and saint that. We saw “Mystic India” which was gorgeous and naggingly like a hug propaganda piece in favor of India. It was also of the quality of a silent movie, in that, since the people in the film were all speaking languages other than English, there were long stretches of way over expressiveness and almost pantomimes in an effort to get away from the otherwise constant voice-over narration.
Yesterday at work, I worked on my resume. Incredibly, I was able to find all my job reviews going back to 1998. I talked to the former manager in the cubicle across from me. He is now doing a “special project,” as is my former manager. I sent him the same email that I sent to my new manager, listing what I am working on and what I have recently worked on. I also sent him a copy of my resume. Must start networking.
I have concerns about my new position. It marks the third time in two years that I have been shuffled. Perhaps that is just corporate life. But now the person that I am reporting to is mid-level management, and someone who hasn’t managed people for twenty-plus years. I can’t help but wonder if there is a reason that she hasn’t managed people. Or why she is starting now. My colleague and I met with her. She is very mainframe, very audit-centric. She talked of us being backups for each other. The problem is that I can’t imagine myself doing her job or by colleague’s job, which is very bookkeeping and financial in nature. Another concern was the question–“Do you have a mainframe ID?” I used to. I think I don’t want another one, not to do the thinks that she is interested in.
So, I need the management to help me get my situation “unsucked” or “desucked” or I need to move on.
The possibly interesting thing about the new position is that it works with a higher level of management. This is also a possible downside, as I had a chance to contemplate last evening. My new boss came over to my cube. “Hi David.” Except David is also the middle manager sitting across from me. So, actually she and David and another of their peers who came over ended up chatting. To me, sadly, their talk turned all too often to how stupid other people were. David wasn’t so much into that. He has more decorum. But the other two were. I find this disturbing. That really is my other big issue.
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