VMWare and Linux

Been playing with Linux and VMWare on the new computer that I bought. So if you are not interested in geeky-techy stuff, be warned. Except to say that going to buy the computer a few weeks ago at General NanoSystems here in the Twin Cities was a trip. I ordered on line a no-frills $400 computer–a “box.” Usually they mail them out, but since they are right here, on University Avenue over by the University of Minnesota, I drove over and picked it up the next day. Walking into their store was like walking into an auto parts store. There was a long counter with five or six guys and racks of parts behind them. Quite bizarre.
On with the techie stuff. My idea was to NOT run Oracle and MS SQL on my laptop for my Distributed Databases class project at the University of Saint Thomas. I wanted to set those up on their own server, ideally with servers running on VMWare.

Everything was so far so good in that I brought the new box home and put on a copy of Kubuntu that I had laying around. (Warty or Hoary, which ever is the older one.) Then, on a tip from a co-worker, I went to the VMWare site and downloaded their free VMWare Server for Linux. I put it on. Then I loaded a student license version of XP with Access and MS SQL 2000 Server. Worked great.
Enboldened, I upgraded the Kubuntu through the next version and on to Breezy, which is a nice interface. But, lo and behold, VMWare doesn’t work. I eventually find a mention of the version of gcc. Oh well. Back to Hoary or Warty or whatever, hopefully.
Looks like I am “stuck” with the oldest Kubuntu–Warty, I think. But it is just such obscure version conflicts that are the bread and butter of my world. So be it.
What got me off on this whole tangent was the desire to run Oracle on Linux through VMWare. But, it turned out that trying to run Oracle on Ubuntu is not a great idea. But to set up another VMWare virtual machine, I needed more disk space. (I only bought the default 40 gig HD). And, to get another Linux virtual machine on here meant that I needed more HD. I had it–but it was the 120 gig secondary in the kids’ PC. So, I have that in this box now, know that I have to run Warty for VMWare, and am about to embark on trying to get another VM going. Wish me luck.