Groundhog Day

Happy. Quick stop at Nina’s. No oatmeal. Last time, it was too warm and too filling. Naked Protein instead.
On the radio in the car on the way here, report that massive doses of Vitamin C are of no use, from a study done be the Linus Pauling Institute, no less. The two doctors tht they interview both said they don’t take vitamin C supplements, get it through their diet. But one did admit to doing a thousand when he felt a cold coming on.
Session tow for counseling for D. and I last night. The one comment that struck me was the counselor saying that it was clear that we liked each other, that there were often people sitting in the chairs that clearly despised each other. Dorothea laughing as we told our story of Red Wing. No simple answers.
Here brother Joe called last night to say that after they spread some of Thomas’ ashes in Cozumel, they were sitting in a restaurant with a friend having beer and a dragonfly flew by. There aren’t very many dragonflies in Cozumel. Hmmm.
Job: no promotion, no surprise. I am now very motivated to find a different job. I could get sacked tomorrow, or I could be at the bank for twenty-five years. Both prospects are now unappealing.