Blnk nd “”-less. (Blank and “a”-less)

One of those mornings where, earlier, I thought all these great thoughts but now can’t remember them.
Cahokia–still want to work on that one. And, if as it seems I will be having snippets scattered over many entries, this might be a good time to start using tags to label them. Anyway, the Little Ica Age gave me pause, made me think of the Ananzi (spell) in the southwest–cliff dwellers who also seemed to run into problems late in the pre-Columbia era. They kept building their homes on higher and higher, more inaccessible cliffs. And in the archaeological record there is evidence of cannibalism–of them, by some other group that was attacking them, apparently. And, this may have been tied into climate change–the Little Ice Age.
So with Cahokia. But another twist. I remember for the Cahokia Interpretative Center mention of tribute–communities from far and wide needed to give some of their crop to the priests at Cahokia. But as the weather got worse and raising crops more difficult, yields fell. But the tribute levels remained high. Essentially, there was revolt. The stockade at Cahokia was the priest-class defending themselves against the populous.