Salvador, Brazil: Just got a forwarded email from friends newly arrived in Brazil. One of them is there on a Fullbright scholarship. Dorothea and I had been thinking that their presence would make for a good excuse for visiting Brazil. But, when they stopped here briefly a few weeks ago on their way to the airport, we became discouraged. Their description of Salvador as a large (3 million) city that was a former slave trading hub, reminded us both too much of Saint Thomas, the US Virgin Islands. Been there, done that.
I am back at the UML. I have three books on it, so I must be interested. I have started reading the chapter on distributed databases in the textbook from last semester’s database class. I am signed up for the distributed database class, which meets for 7 Saturdays spring semester. That class description say that Java experience is
Also, just been Googling “Cahokia.” Seems to me that when I visited the site in the early 90s, there was, at the Interprative center, an explanation of the “stockade.” It went something like this: around 1250, the time of the “Little Ice Age,” there was constructed around the central parts of the city a stockade. The argument was that the elites were trying to defend themselves from a popular revolt. I could find that intrepretation again today, but will keep looking.

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  1. Hallo Liebe Dorothea!!! Ich habe dein photo im “Puppy” gallaria gesehen und gleichzeitig erkannt! Wenn Du mich nicht mehr in errinerrung hast, Ich bin der John mit dem Du in Ingolstadt studiert hast. That was 25 years ago, can you believe it??? Are you in touch with anybody from the group?? I’d love to make connections.
    E-mail me!!

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