Cherokee Louise

“Cherokee Louise” by Joni Mitchell is what I am listing to via Musicmatch Jukebox–pre-iTunes software. I was inspired to first it up and put it on shuffle after reading Paul’s comment about the “Lift Every Voice.” What a disturbing song, though. Now onto Beethoven Ninth Symphony Scherzo. Not quite the flavor of his mix.I looked in the Sacred Harp, and didn’t find “Lift Every Voice.” I though it would be there, think that it should be there. Twas great to hear from Paul.
This morning I am sitting in the “Penthouse”–our remodeled attic, instead of in a coffee shop somewhere. Dorothea is teaching clinicals for CNA students at a nursing home and was out of here at 6:30. I decided to hang around so that Liam wouldn’t be alone, though he is still asleep now.
Just sort of putzing, floating from one thing to the next. First order of business was to check my comcast email account, which I do probably once a week or so. I was expecting to see a bunch of emails from comments posted to the blog, and sure enough there they were–the spam. (As well as the email from Paul.) First try to run the cgi-bin program mt-close.cgi, which closes comments so that they can’t get spammed, confused me because it brought up the blog editing logon screen. Thought that something was wrong. But I just tried it again now and logged in, and viola, there was the mt-close page. Made sense–I needed to logon first.
Also in my aimless wanderings just clicked on the moon picture in the blog, which I hadn’t done for awhile apparently, or had forgotten about, because that took me to, which was all right.