At Nina’s. The “A” key on the Palm’s folding keyboard still not working, even after I blew it out with compressed air yesterday. Hmm.

My laptop was locked up yesterday on the Linux kubuntu login screen. Had to pop the battery out and back in. Wasn’t paying attention and it booted back into kubuntu, the bootloader’s default choice. So I ended up sitting at the dining room table putzing with kubuntu.
I still don’t like things, like the sound scheme. But I was very pleased to figure out how to get the package loading program to work. I did a complete upgrade and downloaded and installed a bunch of stuff, including the games metapackage that was offered. I played Asteroids for a while, but found it to be too difficult. Tetras was okay. I was playing Bounce when Liam came home from his basketball pratice. He seemed to enjoy that. And, I started playing the Poker game. Liam also.
Dorothea and I went to the Groveland Tap to satisfy my urge for a burger and a beer. She told me more about Mexico. I had the distinct feeling that she wasn’t interested in what I had to talk about, which is mostly work, though it very well my be that even I am not interested in what I have to talk about.
I have exercised everyday this week, either weightlifting or aerobic. The pain in my hip has subsided. I am still twenty pounds over what I was four years ago after Weight Watchers though. No progress there. I think I will try to eliminate cereal. I have become quite a cereal hound.
Liam and I continued to work on the Strib’s Tuesday Soduku. It was pretty bleak though. Didn’t finish it though, even after several days of trying.
If I had really been on the stick, I would have brought my laptop and I could have synched my Palm with the laptop while sitting here and then posted entries.
Haven’t done anything more on my blog as to style or programming. Would still like to recreate several things from the old one that bombed–like the expandable, collapsible entries and the connection the photos in the Gallery program. Also would like to get the RSS feed stuff working properly.
Dorothea and I are going to yoga at ten.