Dorothea returns, not a moment too soon…

…as the children and I were on the verge of being at each other’s throats. Sounds like she had good time within the parameters of what makes a vacation for her. And lordy knows she deserved a break after a Christmas break with the children.
View from YWCA parking lot
View from the parking lot

On the way to the children’s piano lessons last night, at Madeline’s urging, we stopped at Target. She was looking for the replacement/upgrade for the iPod charger that I had gotten her for Christmas.
‘Twas this visit to Target that caused, or contributed to, the family melt down. I did something that pissed Liam off, not sure what. And that was in addition to my reminders that he needed to empty the dishwasher and put away his clothes–let’s disregard the homework thing. And since he wasn’t getting the stuff done, I said if not, we wouldn’t go to Target. Oh man. Now Madeline is peeved too. She goes upstairs and helps Liam put away his clothes.
We made it to Target all right. Madeline got her charger, though one without a clock. Oh well.
(In the newspaper today–that Target–in the Midway neighborhood–will be replaced with a Super Target.)
I had printed out directions to Soduku, however it is spelled. And we were early for lessons because I thought they started at 7:30 instead of the real 7:45. But it was cool because I was sitting on the couch with the kids and we did the Soduku puzzle together. They were both quite good at it.

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  1. I have returned. It is good to be back in your arms. you are a good man to care for the kids in my absence. d

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