Photo text-wrap test

Paris Metro

This is a test to see if I can get text to wrap around a photo. There is no special significance to the photo–a Metro stop, a picture taken by Madeline. A good photo. Concerned that the column may be too narrow. I continue to tinker, mostly by going through the list of things to do at learningmoveabletype. In this case, adding a picture, a thumbnail, and having text wrap around it. Had to add a class to my style sheet and there is a bit of coding around the image. Actually, went a step further than the text wrapping by trying to add the thumbnail. Doesn’t quite work–instead of the link being the caption, the link should be the picture itself. And anyway, I am now getting into random photo territory. Although, one thing that bothers me about random photos is that they often don’t have captions, so I may be on to something with maybe being able to have random photos with captions.
Of course, I should really be writing Christmas cards.