Learningmoveabletype and Kerouac’s List of Essentials

I have been playing with updating the format of my blog. I typed “learningmoveabletype” into google, and Some Kinda Possible: August 2005 Archives came up as the fourth entry. Taking the day off, just got paged from home, need to leave (Nina’s) and call back.
Okay. I have got StyleCatcher working (so far, just in the testblog) and have used movalog style generator to create a 3-column scheme. Want to add a navigation bar and an about page, put some of my stuff–like the blogroll and the moon phases–back in, this time in the third column. Also like the idea of having patterns in the margins, and a image background in the banner.
Just got back from physical therapy. Went easy on the weights–stayed at the same level as my last visit, and only did 15 reps, because I strained my back a little painting the attic.