It is now ten after ten pm–quite late for me–I am an old fuddy. This morning I went into work for two hours, even though my plan had been to take a vacation day. There were still loose ends on my part of a project—I needed to compare some lists in a spreadsheet. Don’t know what the outcome was.
I was still working on it late on Thursday when I should have been heading for my database final. The final was no fun, but what do you expect? So yesterday, between work and the final was stressful. Only now getting over it.
Lots of snow that last few days and had hoped to go cross-country skiing, but that didn’t fit in. I went to the Y and Nina’s after work. Home by twelve and Dorothea and I worked on painting in the attic. By three o’clock, after priming, I was pretty spent.
Have been playing around with the formatting of the blog. That is something that I have wanted to look into since I blew it up during the setup of dragonfly. Putz, putz. But it is a relaxing thing for me. Moveabletype has a plugin called StyleCatcher that is supposed to make changing styles easy. It is anything but, in fact it doesn’t work and there seems to be others who’ve had problems with it.