The cottonwoods dwarf the elms

The cottonwoods dwarf the elms on Summit, I note this morning while walking the dog and passing an elm marked for removal–orange paint ring and two-digit number of it’s what–diameter or radius? not sure. For a chainsaw, they’d need to know the radius. But, seeing the dead elm marked for removal on Summit Avenue amongst the cottonwoods made me realize that there were elms, not just cottonwoods. Odd, since I fancy myself a bit of a dead elm spotter. And comparing that very mature and large elm, size and diginity of an elephant, an urban forest elephant, with the the much larger cottonwood gave me renewed regard for the cottonwood.

I put XP Service Pack 2 on the Dell last night. I was moved to do so because of an intractable problem with losing the wireless network connection. So, don’t know yet if that’ll fix it. But, having dealt with Microsoft patching at work, I think that if there is something not working, best to make sure that everything is up to level on the patches. And, service packs especially, come to think of it.