I felt like a commodity

Thought while waiting for my oatmeal at the counter at Nina’s coffee shop. I think that was the primary reason that I stopped coming here when the new owner started. She made changes and made decision that, it seemed to me when I talked to her about them, she presented in a patronizing way as being in my best interest. Though she is an owner. I felt like a commodity. I am a commodity, always, though I don’t realize it always. Like now; the feeling has worn away, and I am lured back here with oatmeal and wifi.

Coming out of the Y this time of year, just after sunrise, there is most a stunning beauty to the sky, with sun reflecting color off the bottoms of clouds, reflecting on the windows of old Victorian buildings. Saulpaugh Hotel in Mankato: could it have been saved? Throb’s Drugstore. Salet’s department store. The Ratzkeller.
We’re now at the bottom of the hill, the slope flattened out, the toboggan slowing, about to bump into the hay bales of the solstice.