A fleet of unmarked trucks

Step vans? Panel truck? The kind of truck that is alost a semi, but not quite, that is commonly used for deliveries in the city. Common. Non-description.
Well, Bread and Chocolate didn’t have any day-old muffins; the drawstring on my swimming broke while I was tightening it putting on my suit in the YWCA lockerroom. The little insults. So far, coping.

We all (Dorothea, Madeline, Liam, and I) went to the Childrenn’s Theater production of “Disney’s Aladdin Junior” last night. It was a preview performance, which is the kind that we always go to. The sound needs work–but it occurred to me that this was the first time the sound technicians had a theater full of people. They had some trouble raising a curtain. And there sure was a lot of dry ice and confetti pouring into the orchestra pit. Sequined, tap-dancing geniis–only in America. An extravaganza. Very light entertainment.
There were several scenes where soldiers roughly handled a captive. Not very funny in light of America’s performance in the “war on terror.” Essentially, it is proven to me to be true and anyone can stoop to any awful behavior. In sequins, tap-dancing, to the rythm of the multi-colored flashing lights. (Confetti and dry ice, optional.)