Panera Bread — Maplewood

After physical therapy, am across White Bear Avenue at the Panera. I saw the “doctor” for the third time–that not fair, the quotes; he is an MD. This was my tenth visit, and I started on the rotary machine. I am feeling stronger, and I am less afraid of my back going out, but I do still get numbness and tingling in my feet.
Last night, I took my laptop to classs at St. Thomas again, and still wasn’t able to get on the network. Got the password thing worked out, but then they scanned my computer, and it wasn’t up to stuff. So I have been installing patches since during class last night. I fact, it was updating in the trunk of the Honda as I was at my appointment. And I came to Panera primarily because I knew that I desperately needed a power outlet. But now, I am XP Service Pace 2–been holding off since last April–and now the thing wants to reboot again. So adieu.

Okay. High Priority Updates for XP? Got’em.
So, was thinking that I feel a bit weird. Here I am, in a fancy (albeit, national chain) bakery-coffee shop in suburb, contemplating taking out a second mortgage while a guy is remodeling my attic. But, I could never remodel my attic. Thinking mortgage, thinking economics, thinking politics–thinking it’s time to get tough. Physically, mentally. To survive. Thinking I have a ways to go.
People are pouring in. Caffiene is affecting me. I am patched. I am battery charged. I have blogged. It is time to go.