Halloween At Nina’s

Went to the Y with the intention of doing my newest exercises from my most current physical therapy. I have a binder with pictures of the exercises, these being the ones that I am supposed to do every other day, the ones with weights. I looked for the binder in my tote bag, and, not finding it there, imagined that I had left it in the minivan, on the passenger seat. I could remember seeing it there on Saturday. Alas, I got to the car and it wasn’t there. Not wanting to look further, I went without it. I remembered probably most of the exercises anyway.

There is a guy at a table across from me doing the crossword. I haven’t done a crossword in quite awhile. I haven’t blogged in quite awhile. I played chess with Liam on Saturday. Hadn’t played chess in awhile either.
At first, I thought the guy was doing the Monday puzzle. I can do the Monday puzzle, the Tuesday puzzle, soeetimes the Wednesday, rarely, the Thursday. Wait, I think he’s doing the Sunday. That makes sense, because he’s wearing a Dartmouth sweatshirt.
On Saturday, Dorothea and I went to the Minnesota Orchestra to hear them play Mahler’s Third Symphony. It was the only piece on the program, and there was no intermission. I thought I would sleep through it. Much to my surprise, it held my interest for its entire 100 minnutes.
Sunday was Unitarians and a movie with Liam. (Wallace and Gromit and the Were-Rabbit.) Also time change, bcack to standard time. Did Congress pass a law, pushing that back?
By the evening, I was pretty weirded out. Tired, bummed, sad. I think the time change was a big part of it–I think that I only this morning enjoyed the benefit of the extra hour of sleep. Also, I had set myself a goal for a work-related programming project, and didn’t get anywhere near to finishing as I had hoped.