Bread and Chocolate

Did the Y this morning, hot tub and sauna. Long talk in the sauna with the hospice woman and the banker woman–about Thomas. Stayed in the sauna too long–got really warm-that’s probably why I am still wet.

We got back from our trip to Chicago on Sunday. On balance, a good trip. The kids did well. I am however developing the notion that I don’t want to take them on trips anymore.
Martha took Stella for us while we were gone. And today, Stella is in to get spayed.
Chicago was a seven hour drive on the interstate, which was easier that I thought it would be. Four hundred miles. Like there used to be a passenger train from St. Paul to Chicago and it was called the “400.”
Seeing lots of people on bikes. Chicago doesn’t seem to be bike friendly, but apparently it is better than it used to be.
We stayed at the Best Western in Evanston, and that worked out well. We had a thirty minute train ride to the Loop, but then we were also able to take very nice walks along the lake in Evanston. So that was a nice trade off.
The American Girl Doll Store was number 1 on Dorothea’s agenda. The store was packed with parents and little girls. We went to the back to the “Doll Hospital.” Dorothea is still focused on Madeline cutting the hair of her doll. The fix: $32 for a head replacement.
On Saturday afternoon, we met with Paul and Bleue at the Field museum and walked down to Navy Pier with them after having pizza at an Edwardo’s. They seem the same.
Half way to the pier, by the yacht club, Liam had to pee, so Dorothea took out to the end of the dock at the marina. All the boats were out of the water.