Norm Coleman at the Grandview Grill

Grandview Grill. Norm Coleman is sitting two booths away. Can’t hear what he’s talking about to the guy he’s with. Have the thought to tell about going to the Wellstone’s grave after Thomas died, how powerful that was, and how I know people that live in a house where a former St. Paul used to live–but that’s all I know, can’t remember, don’t care about the name. Or, point to the front page article in the New York Times about the US’s substandard plan to deal with an “eventual” influenza pandemic, and comment that things are always to get harder, more difficult, not less. (That’s my “Other Side” believe: in life, you keep getting confronted by the things most difficult for you, like a computer-test, the NCLAC or the GRE.) Ah, I can hear what the guy is talking about. He is saying that there are enough stem cell lines; no more are needed from embryos, something about some people not having any morals, Shit.