Dunn Brothers on the west end of the Lake Street Bridge. I rode my bike to downtown Minneapolis and watched the beginning of the marathon from the corner of Portland and 6th. I put the video on my camera. I think that I did, anyway, though when I tried recording later, I found that the camera’s memory was full. So I don’t know.

I started out at about 7:00, and thought I would be late for the start. And I got really confused when I came across marathon runners by the University. Later, I decided that these must have been the half-marathoners.
This diverted me up towards Cedar Riverside and across the freeway on a bike trail that enters downtown just to the east of the Metrodome. And there was the marathon, not started yet.
I rode west along 7th. There was hardly any traffic and running red lights didn’t matter since the road was barricaded a block to the north.
It has been a desire of mine for years to bike along the marathon route, And off I was going.
After (hopefully) recording the start, I biked on 7th, parallel to the runners, over to Hennepin Avenue, and turned left, to the south, and rode on the sidewalk until cutting over toward the Minneapolis Community and Technical College, down to Loring Park, and then across the Art Bridge by the Walker Art Institute.
That was the easy part. The lakes came next–Isles, Calhoun, Harriet. My hope was to ride along the opposite sides of the lakes from where the runners were. But, I was cut off. I worked my was slowly around the north side of Isles, usually on sidewalk, sometimes an alley or an attempt at a parallel street, but the alleys and streets always led right back to the lake.
The sidewalk meant that I was going slower than the runners, navigating between dogs, children, coffee cups on the sidewalk. I wasn’t able to escape until I came to a spot where a bridge crossed an inlet and I went one way and the runners went the other.
We finally came to where the marathon route was crossing Lake Street/Excelsior Boulevard, and I decided to bale out. I turned to the west and went until I found an entrance to the Greenway, got on it, and headed west. I crossed the marathons on a bridge and then the marathon was gone. I was alone, heading through Minneapolis.
I came all the way back to where I had started, 26th and the river. Now the River Road was barricaded here. I saw the first two wheelchair, elite, athletes. (Wondering if the was in Iraq will mean that there’ll be more of them?) And now am at this coffee shop.
When I am done with my coffee, I will head off across the Lake Street Bridge back to St. Paul. Finishing putting up the new backdoor storm door awaits me. And, I better get to it, since the shy is clouding up. Don’t know what kind of weather is coming.