Bread and Chocolate

Pecan cranberry bran muffin. Bought two day-old crème cheese bran muffins–there are my favorite; they are on Tuesday. Just like me to have a favorite that is not so popular. A two year-old girl fell off the stool by the counter. Life is fraught with peril. No, she’s more like a year I guess now as I see the father carrying her back.

Two guys sitting next to me are in-depth football talking. Fairly easy to tune it out, but I am absorbing more that I want. Gophers, University of Minnesota football team, details about players, stats and commentary for the “big game” last Saturday, where they beat Purdue. Ah, one of the guys is a referee. Thinking about eating the second bran muffin. That could be a mistake.
Umpa’s mom died. Umpa is a kid in Liam’s class. He and his mom are from Uganda. Beatrice was her name. Forty-nine. Large woman, died of a coronary. Her obituary is full of graduate degrees and orphanages in Uganda. Tough having Thomas die–way more to be nine and have your mom die.
Ate it anyway. Love the crème cheese. What is wrong with people?
It is raining pretty hard now. Will my rain system of Panama hat and Patagonia shell hold up? We’ll see. A cup of water and I am on my way.