Coffee News

Didn’t have any cash, so I bought a granola, yogurt, fruit thing to go to use my card. Kind of distracting in here because the radio is on really, really loud, and morning commercial DJs are going at it.
Yesterday and Saturday was the Minnesota Sacred Harp Convention. I went to the morning at St. Sahag, Sunday at Murphy’s Landing.
Ah, that’s better. Moved to the back room, which I had avoided because some folks had just gone back there. But, thank goodness, they are not a fraction as loud as the radio in the other room. What a disappointment to have gotten myself here, intact, and then have the super loud radio.

Any way, back the shape noting. For one, Paul L. was there and I sat next to him, gave him the scope, my scoop, on Thomas during a break. And Francis and Colette. So I talked to them briefly. It was at their wedding in the 80s that I first shape note singing.
Sunday, talked to Robin, the Quaker fiddle player. Also sat next to a guy from Chicago who was a fount of knowledge.
On Saturday, this one woman got up to lead. She just had this totally engaged, rapturous look. As she went along, got more intense, but always clearly enjoying herself. Head back, eyes rolled, at some points it seemed like she was on the verge of freezing up and having a seizure.
The song that she led is tricky because it has a time signature change. I remember that particular song came up as a topic at the Shape Singing School last spring.
On Sunday, a father got up with his pre-teen son and led the same song. The got a loud round of applause.
Stella–Stella is in heat. We were waiting to get her fixed, then waited too long. She is doing a doggie red tent sort of thing–confined to the kitchen. She smells really bad. I don’t know how people put up with it continuously.