Young, blonde, artificially tanned

Woman at the counter, “can I, like, get some more ice (hee hee hee) please?” Oh well. I am at the Caribou (used to be Big City Bagels) next to FedExKinkos (used to be just Kinkos) across the street from Macalester College (used to be a church school) from whence I am thinking that woman came.

I am led here by my desire to get my professor’s lecture notes double-sided and bound at (what used to be) Kinkos. Coffee News Cafe, which isn’t far and which I rode by on my bike on the way here, was pretty crowded. Ditto Dunn Brothers. Geez, one more coffee shop and there’d be one on every corner.
Moving slowly this morning, in super-putz mode. There are at least two things on the home maintenance front that require attention–a couple of days ago, a molding in the bathroom fell off. And this morning, the dehumidifier was overflowing. But here I am. Coffee shop. I decided right away when I saw the state of the dehumidifier that I’d need help–Dorothea.
Was looking at my ISP email, trying to figure it out. Never have really gotten that stuff. Several people in the last month have told me that they’d sent email via my web page, but I had never seen it. I found two of them–one from Bob, and one from Bleue. I think that it might have had to do with people having used cached webpages when they looked at the blog and therefore, when they sent emails, the emails went to “old” addresses–the lost maze world of my ISP email.
But the email from Bob, from August 2004, was quite long. I dind’t think that I had seen it before, and I replied to it. Now that I stop and think about it, maybe I had replied previously, a year ago, just had forgotten.
Just took a first sip of coffee, thought “that taste’s terrible,” and immediately thought of taking it back. But, took the lid off, and realized that I hadn’t put any half and half in it. Ah, better.
Been having difficulty with “things” lately, as in losing them. Sunglasses, stuff like that. (I can’t even remember so of the other stuff that has disappeared and reappeared lately.) Come to think of “things” as having “a mind of their own,” as being tricksters, toying with me, playing with me, taunting me. I am not all together.
Well, I could go to Kinko’s now and pick up my printed out and spiral bound, professor’s lecture notes. But, I’d lose my spot.
So I just wandered off and looked at the cell phone–at first, to check and see if Dorothea had called; then, got lost in trying to figure out why the ringer doesn’t work that way you’d think. It doesn’t ring long enough for Dorothea to find it and pull it out. Now, going to wander off to reading the paper.