Thomas Hansmeyer

Bruegger’s in Highland. The bagel shop. I am escaping a houseful of people and came to this neighborhood in search of clariton-d from the Synder’s pharmacy.
Thomas Hansmeyer, one of Dorothea’s younger brothers, died early Saturday morning, September 3. He was 39 years old. Which is why our house is full of people; many of his siblings, in-laws, and nephews and nieces have descended on our house. So my need for drugs was a good excuse to exit. And to get caught up on blogging.
Sorry, I am pretty scattered. I will post and get things down, but they may not be coherent or in order. This picture is from 1995, and one that I took at our house in Little Falls.

Actually, I have several Palm pilot memos and a message from my pager that I can post, but haven’t gotten to them.
I am hoping to use the bathroom here–like a homeless person. And then folks are going to look at the chapel at Lakewood Cemetery. I am considering riding my bike there. See if Dorothea wants to join me. Maybe someone could drive our van over there and we could put our bikes on the back. But then–who is going to watch all the kids? In-laws. Perfect. I like it.
This afternoon, the scum will be going to eldest brother Jim’s. I have no need to go there, so that may be my opportunity to post.
I will probably be looping back to the topic of Tomas. There is so much that has happened. I am thinking that I should publish him as a separate, side blog when I get enough together.
My current thought about him is all the memories that come up, and my feeling that I should just be able to talk to him about them. “Do you remember the time….?? Of course, isn’t going to happen.
In my usual way, I go for the humor, the quip, the one-liner. The Life Force organ donor group rep was in the hospital room filled with Hansmeyers and Tomas, giving the 50,000 foot version of organ donation. (He listed organ donor on his driver?s license.) I had said this before and did again at a break–“Tomas is the ultimate recycler.” To general laughter. I was killing them. I think the timing was one of those moments where the Life Force woman was apologizing again about the difficulty of the situation.
And out to a different orbit. Rose we got a hold of while she was on her boat. Someone finally found her husband’s cell phone number and called them. So last night we were talking to Rose about Lake Superior. Our drive around the lake and her three-week Superior sailing trip overlapped, so we were comparing notes using the Lake Superior placemat map that we bought.
Office Buckle and Gloria’s Safety Rule Number 107: Always wear your helmet.