Time of Useful Consciousness

“Time of Useful Consciousness” is the time between the onset of oxygen deficiency and the loss of consciousness. These are the brief moments in which a pilot may save the troubled plane.”
Heard this program on St. Cloud State University’s radio station, KVSC, which was about global warming, and is put out by tucradio.org. Contrast to having just listened to Bill Kling, president of Minnesota Public Radio, (the “Kling-on empire”) explain why Pacifica Radio’s Democracy Now! is not up to his standards, and that’s why MPR will never carry it.

Also on the drive to Mille Lacs yesterday, stopped in Champlain, and took a picture of a little house, surrounded by Targets and housing developments, with bulldozers packed in the front yard, a la Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Just before, I had seen this billboard: “Foreclosure Experts: Stay in your own house on your own terms.” Odd juxtaposition. As Krugman describes us in the “flatlands” of continual expanse, I can’t help but think that one angle is that there is going to an oversupply of housing, and the value of housing will drop. There is no strong association, cooperative, guild, or union of homeowners, which can exert meaningful pressure to limit the increase in housing stock.
Dream: some drew a pencil drawing, art nouveau, of trees and leaves, a very detailed drawing. I think that the character in the dream was a former high school colleague, someone the epitome of intelligence, which I am not, by definition. It was his memory of something, not only translated, but interrupted to paper. I thought, in the dream, that I would miss that visual detail because of how my brain is. Humbling. The style of the drawing was, I think now, that of a Madeline drawing.
I think that I was quite affected by this scene at the in-laws’ gathering at Agate Bay Resort on Lake Mille Lacs: My sister-in-law hitting balls to the boys. Throw the ball in the air, swing the bat, hit the ball, well, each time. That was beautiful to watch. Also, something that I have never been able to do. Limits.
At work I am very conscious of limits, feeling like I am operating at a limit. My boss said that a graph I had created was “junk”–and he is right, he demonstrated that the numbers were wrong. Numbers and math, not my strong suit. Stinging, nonetheless. Is it something that I can achieve with working, or something that I am innately unable to do, like hitting a baseball?
eXtreMe tracking is back again. Wow. I was really ready to take it off my site, though I did find the link in learningmoveabletype to managing site statistics (finally, after looking many times–that eye-brain thing again. I am just resigned to the fact that, often, finding things either isn’t going to happen, or takes time.) But what was available was sub-par (especially in that it looked like nobody was doing an nslookup on the IPs) or a broken link, like they aren’t there anymore.
So I sent a question to the eXtreMe tracking. We’ll see. I would pay them to get a reliable connection.
My goal for the day is to finish the Sunday New Times crossword.